TRANSITION your “Winter Diet” Into A “Summer Diet”

Seven Tips:

How to Transition Your "Winter Diet" Into A "Summer Diet"

 Follow these 7 tips and you will be feeling and looking GREAT!

  1. Replace processed sugars with seasonal fruits

  • Try eating fresh apricots– they are packed full of iron (beneficial for anemia), beneficial for reproductive health and a powerful in weight loss (packed full of fiber making you feel full longer and also aid in digestion)
  • Replace ice creams with protein/fruit smoothies, acai bowls
  • Check out our “Trying out Jennifer Garners Collagen Smoothie!”

2. Replace warm soups and breads with grilled vegetables and lettuce (lettuce wraps)

  • Yes, soups can be tasty and delicious but if you aren’t careful you may be choosing a calorically dense “snack” or “appetizer”
  • It helps to ask the ingredients – often times they are made with heavy creams, cheese, bread, etc.
  • Side Note: Roasted cauliflower is our favorite! It’s great for Vit C and Vit B Complex and also supports a healthy immune system
  • For the LADIES reading this, we do a vitamin b12 (important for bone health, red blood cells, mood, energy, brain function ~ our favorite brand is “Global Healing Center

3. Replace Fries with Veggie Fries

Use sliced carrots, beets, sweet potatoes, white potatoes (any root vegetables) Boil the veggies first to soften them and then oven roast in coconut oil

  • Spice them up with oregano, thyme, rosemary and sage
  • Add garlic and salt

If you’re too busy to make your own we used to love the Chipotle Sweet Potato Fries that come frozen by Alexis.  All you have to do is put them in the oven for 15-18mins! (Be aware there are more additives than simply just the sweet potato.. but they taste like restaurant sweet potato fries.. in our opinion)


4. Increase your Leafy Green Consumption

Lettuce, spinach, swiss chard – bulk up your meals with nutrient dense foods

  • Replace your taco shells with a romaine leaf – pile on the ground meat/fish, diced tomatoes, onions, beets, salsa.. you name it! (same thing applies for a burger – substitute the buns for a lettuce wrap)
  • NOTE – if it’s being consumed “regularly” try to make it healthier (ex: with lettuce substitutes) BUT if its once a month or every few months, feel free to indulge and get the craving fully out of your system!

5. Lose the Vitamin D pills and get outside for the recommended 10-30 minutes a day!

6. Take Advantage of Summer Beverages

Tasty low-calorie drinks are a great way to FILL UP if you find yourself bored or “peck-ish” between meals. Often times people are really just dehydrated and not actually hungry. Drink an 8oz glass of water or try a flavored beverage (we like Collagen Water) then wait 15 mins and see how you see.

Another one of our favorite morning/mid-afternoon summer drinks is  homemade iced tea. Simply steep black tea (in hot water), refrigerate until chilled, add freshly squeezed lemon juice (and lemon slices), mint leaves, honey (or stevia for sweetener). Make it in a large jug so you can enjoy it for a few days!

7. Pause that last Netflix episode and go for a nighttime walk around the block!

This is beneficial for digestion (a walk after dinner or your PM snack gets things moving.. literally) as well as helping to improve sleep! Decrease your screen time before bed by going for a walk, get refreshing air and allow your circadian rhythm to balance. 

Sleep is SO important for maintaining a healthy weight. The better we sleep the more energy we have and the less reliant we are on processed foods (sugars) to give us quick energy. 

SEE.. Our Summer Diet is a walk in the park 😉

BEST Summer Diet:

Isn't a crash diet,
It's a sustainable and balanced way to
ENJOYING your summer!

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