About Us

Welcome to optimizing your life!

We are the Liske Twins! Our names are Hayley and Chelsey and we are identical twins from Ontario, Canada. Growing up as the babies of five children brought out a competitive side in just about everything we did. There wasn’t a card game that ended without someone claiming the other cheated! Fortunately, we carried this passion to always strive to be the best, and channeled it in to “bettering ourselves”. Our goal is to grow and to help you to become well-rounded human beings, through emphasizing the importance of caring for your mind and body. This starts with respecting the needs of your mind and being in tune with our body.  

Since age sixteen we have placed great value on nutrition for health, longevity, performance enhancement and recovery. A quick glimpse into our “diet” history, we began following a strict paleo diet at sixteen after our mom had been struggling with stage four colon cancer. We had seen first-hand the importance of understanding what you put into your bodies and found that focusing on nutrients in whole foods could prevent chronic disease. From that point on we adapted a more individualized approach to eating which included mainly whole foods, healthy protein sources (ideally organic, hormone-free, grass-fed meats), healthy fats (omega 3s, free-range eggs, coconut oil), vegetables (our current favorites are broccoli & cauliflower), sweet potatoes, oats, rice, etc. Through self-experimentation as well as formal education (Bachelors degrees in Kinesiology) we have cultivated knowledge about nutrition and activity (exercise) required to keep our bodies operating optimally. We want to SHARE this with you so your journey to changing your body and life forever STARTS TODAY!


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