Lower Body FINISHER!

Looking to work your WHOLE lower body?


If you find yourself sitting for 8 hours in a work day try mixing in 30-60s wall sit. They are a great way to break up sedentary behavior!

How to Wall Sit?

Keep your knees and hips at 90 degrees, feet planted shoulder width apart and core tight.. then wait for the BURN!

We like to use it as our leg day FINISHER 🔥

Give it a shot and let us know how you’re walkin’ tomorrow!

For more ADVANCED variations you can extend one leg out in front for a SINGLE LEG wall sit or add kettlebells like US!

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4 sets

6-8 reps of Straight Leg Deadlifts (RDL) 

Rest 60 seconds

3 sets (super setting two movements)
12 reps per leg of Front Rack Reverse Lunge 
10 reps per leg of Banded Lateral Shuffle

Rest 60 seconds

3 sets (super setting two movements)

12 sets of Hip Thrusts (barbell weighed)

20 sets of Banded Good Mornings (3” band carried plenty of tension for us)

Rest 60 seconds

3 sets
12 reps per leg of Reverse Lunge with Knee Drive (on Hack Squat Machine)

3 Sets (super setting two movements)
12 reps of Lying Hamstring Curls
10 reps per leg of Single Leg Hamstring Curls

For core lifts such as the deadlift we recommend using dumbbells to ensure proper technique and muscle activation. This will allow for the BEST results! We also prioritize quality of reps over quantity because it ensures you are activating the muscle you are targeting and not simply using momentum (ex: “swinging” the weights without actually contracting the muscle means you are less likely to see your efforts result in either increased strength or muscle mass).

Contact us if you have ANY questions about movements. We would be happy to provide video tutorials and show you variations to modify difficulty!

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