The ONE Drug You NEED In Your Life!

Want a FREE Happiness Pill?


Unfortunately we don’t have one for you.. but YOU do! It is already flowing inside of you, you just need to stimulate it!


What is it? And how do we release it?


Endorphins are natural chemicals produced in our body that help us cope with pain (and stress). They decrease feelings of pain and increase feelings of euphoria. They make you feel GOOD with no adverse effects, whereas exogenous drugs (ex: medications) can leave you need more.


Plan and simple, endorphins make you happy, and who doesn’t want to be happy?


Okay so I Have Them But How Do I Use Them?



Go for a run.


Go to a dance class.


Go to HIIT class.



Reminder! Focusing on the “right” reasons to exercise often leads to greater adherence!


SO let’s stop thinking of exercise as something we “have” to do and start thinking of exercise as something we “get” to do. We GET to make ourselves feel HAPPY everyday! It is easy to get caught up in how exercise and diet can SHAPE our bodies (which is amazing), BUT more importantly consider the health benefits of exercise!!


Some Benefits of Exercise Include: 

So if you are feeling sluggish, sad, anxious or stressed.. try MOVING your body!

What has been most beneficial for us lately is losing the “all or nothing” mentality when it comes to working out. A 2-hour gym workout is no better than a 20-minute at-home session. Raise your heart rate, sweat and boost your mood! Get the health benefits of exercise – feeling great will lead to greater self-confidence!


Variation is Key!

  • Think about activities you liked to do as a kid
  • Was it sports? – Try joining a recreational soccer league!
  • Was it dance? – There are so many cool new “fitness” classes out that (like Barre), that incorporate movement through dance/yoga!

Our 2019 Goal:

Try something NEW each week (activity, food, etc).

Hot Yoga is next on our list!

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