What Your Toilet Paper Says About You!

If your toilet paper could speak..

“You’re rough and weak” – One Ply, No Name

“You’re cheap!” – One Ply, Scott

“Thanks for picking me! At least some people are still okay with average!“ –  Two Ply, Cottonelle

“You only put me out for your crush!” – Charmin Ultra Comfort

What if this isn’t only what your toilet paper was saying but it was everyone around you.. or so you THINK!

How you think and talk about yourself (self-talk) dictates how you feel, act and experience life. Imagine if everyday you LISTENED to your toilet paper. Each negative comment it spewed would slowly penetrate your sub-conscious and chip away at your notions of self-worth and self-confidence. Now what if the toilet paper was really your “natural” self-talk? And what you were hearing was simply a reflection of an existing negative mindset?


Listen again to what the toilet paper really said. This time from the other end of the roll 😉

“You’re rough and weak” –> “You’re tough and fragile”

“You’re cheap!” –> “You value quality in more important products (ex: food)”

“Thanks for picking me.. at least some people are still okay with average!“ –> “You are confident in your decisions and don’t compare yourself to others!”

“You only put me out for your crush! –> “You show special attention to people who respect your worth”


This is how you DESERVE to feel! Why don’t you?


How Can I Feel This Way?

Take control and change your thought process. Everyday the first person you hear is yourself! Our repetitive thoughts become internalized as beliefs and end up dictating our actions and shaping our life experiences. Shifting towards positive thoughts (ex: I am kind and thoughtful), allows us to internalize them as beliefs and creates positive actions.

It’s Easy! Simply..

Talk positively and lovingly about yourself and you will internalize those traits (ex: kindness, compassion, giving). Then align your actions with your beliefs and a simple mindset change has given rise to positive life experiences.

Build a positive mind frame from the moment you wake will set your day on a path of abundance! So start your day with a smile, pick three things you are grateful for and share your radiance with others!


Next time you wipe remember to…

.. listen to your toilet paper!  Whether it is No Name one ply, two ply Cottonelle or Charmin ultra extra comfort, it has something good to say to set you on your way!


Take It One Step Further

If you want to challenge yourself even further, try to be cognitive of what you are verbally saying and trace the thoughts from which those words emerged. Is what you’re saying productive? Are your building someone up? Or are you criticizing and complaining about things out of your control? More on this in next time!


Take advantage TODAY, align yourself with a positive mentality and success will follow!



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